Document Management

Insight Discovery offers a host of litigation and corporate document-related services, from traditional copying, printing, and binding services to scanning to a variety of archival and litigation support software formats. Insight also offers print fulfillment services for all of your document mailing and distribution needs.

Trial Support

Do you have a need to make your case more understandable, your examinations more effective, and your audience more engaged? Trial Support Services from Insight Discovery can help. From simple but effective trial boards to “hot seat” trial presentation specialists, Insight can provide the tools to make your case more memorable, compelling, and dynamic.



At Insight, our goal is to simplify ediscovery with an eye toward reduction: reduction of data, reduction of review time, and reduction of costs. We have several robust ECA and processing tools at our disposal. We can also host and help manage your review project via our kCura Relativity and iPro Eclipse platforms. Modern TAR functionality and a robust production engine ensure that your e-discovery project will run smoothly and efficiently.

Video Services

Insight Discovery offers a wide range of audio/video services including transcript synchronization, audio/video editing, and format conversion.



Insight provides a wide variety of solutions for copying services. With options for paper, black & white or color, and binding, Insight has the capabilities to fit your budget, from a few copies to thousands.



Need to convert paper files into a digital format? Insight offers affordable and high-quality document scanning services to help organize all of your files into easily stored and accessible digital files. Find the files and information you need at the right time and reduce clutter.



Whether it’s a small run or thousand-page packets, Insight has the capabilities to cover your printing needs, and with rush printing options, Insight is poised to meet nearly any deadline.


Mailing Fulfillment

Insight has the experience and expertise to meet all of your print fulfillment requests and demanding distribution deadlines. Strategically located in Memphis, TN, home of the FedEx Superhub, Insight has the rare ability to expedite your last-minute fulfillment requests. Location, experience, and expertise give Insight a clear advantage over our competitors.


Trial Presentation

Our trial support specialists have provided presentation services all over the country for law firms and clients both big and small. Tens of thousands of hours of “hot seat” presentation have prepared our presenters for virtually any situation that can arise during the course of a trial. We have been there in the trenches and through the late nights. Insight can ensure that your proceeding is staffed with only the most experienced trial support specialists.

Equipment Rental

Do you have experience with running your own trial presentation but just need the equipment to make it happen? Insight offers rental of all of our courtroom audio-video equipment. From projectors, screens, and Elmos to laptops and iPads, Insight can provide you with the presentation technologies you need for your next hearing, arbitration, or trial.

Trial Boards

Some litigators prefer the tangibility of a classic trial board. From standard document enlargements to custom graphics with a variety of mounting options in virtually any size, Insight has you covered.


Graphics and Demonstratives

From simple presentation slides to complex interactive timelines and medical illustrations, Insight can enhance your verbal examinations with expertly crafted demonstrative exhibits.


At its core, processing involves the extraction of metadata from electronic files and email archives and the population of a database with this metadata along with links to the corresponding files. Once created, several culling, or filtering functions can be employed. What this means to you is that many non-user-created files will be excluded from your review set. De-duplication, or flagging or exclusion of duplicate items, can also considerably reduce a review or production set. For larger cases, early case assessment (ECA) can be used to analyze, search, and report on your large data set. Then, only data that meets the user specified criteria is promoted to the processing engine. Insight also has the ability to directly process forensic images, deleted items, and many mobile device image formats.



Don’t have an internal review platform or need a better way to organize and manage the review of your documents? Insight can securely host your documents in a manner easily accessed via a standard web browser. Using the industry-leading products like the Relativity and Eclipse platforms, Insight can create, load, and organize your review database to enable an effective, productive and hassle-free review project. Relativity’s TAR/predictive coding functionality can further alleviate much of the review burden and dramatically speed up the review process. Contact us for more information on our Relativity and Eclipse hosting services.



Insight can export your production in a variety of native and image formats with accompanying text files and metadata. We have the ability to create productions for all of the major litigation software packages. We also have experience preparing productions to meet the complex requirements of federal government agencies like the SEC. Do you have a situation where you have to create a production in one format for your firm, another format for opposing counsel, and third format for another party? Insight can fulfill all of those requests for you.


Case Studies

Deposition Syncing

Insight can synchronize the ASCII text of a deposition to the video to enable quick and easy clip making for your trial. Synced deposition editing allows for much faster clip making than with traditional linear video editing, enabling quick edits in a dynamic courtroom environment.

Audio/Video Editing

Insight can also provide traditional linear editing of your audio files, site video, day-in-the-life video, or deposition video with no ascii transcript.


Format Conversion

Insight can convert your audio and video tapes to CD, DVD or virtually any digital format. We can also convert your digital audio/video files from one format to another to enable playback on a broader range of software platforms.


Case Study

At a recent Federal Court trial in Brooklyn, NY, Insight Discovery trial presentation specialists, working for the plaintiffs, were tasked with creating video clips for a large number of foreign language video depositions in varying sizes, frame rates and file formats. ID specialists had to not only determine the format that would best integrate with the trial presentation software and the courtroom’s audio visual technology but also develop a process for making complex edits with quick turnaround times.

ID staff, in conjunction with co-counsel trial support staff, performed extensive pretrial testing with the courtroom’s unusual configuration to determine the optimal resolution and aspect ratio for display of critical video testimony. In addition, the trial support staff setup mobile editing stations in a breakout room adjacent to the courtroom to address the need for last minute edits based on the judge’s ruling. As new rulings on the video testimony were made, the support staff created the edits and seamlessly updated the “hot seat” presenter’s presentation database.

The end result was a dynamic and seamless presentation that kept jurors engaged and aided in their understanding of the testimony. A strong legal case coupled with the compelling video evidence persuaded the jury to find the defendant liable on all counts in the case.


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